When we think of the type of people we want to be- Jorge Martinez-Juarez comes to mind. We started this business with another friend, who didn’t want to take the risk of the business (understandable) and then Jorge came along and head first dove into our mission. When we saw “dove in” we mean it. We needed to paint the walls from the screaming 80’s style it had been in, he jumped right in and helped us. When we needed help because we didn’t have enough staff or hands- he was always offering his services even though he had other jobs and a family to take care of. Not only did he bring himself, but he brought his wife and kids along for the ride, too. Jorge was the missing piece we had always been looking for. We’re honored to have been partnered with him and his family to help build Conscious Eatery to what it is today.

We’re proud to be partnered with the good people of The Core Group, who supports our mission of “Fighting Hunger Together” by providing nutritious options for our non-profit partners to offer their clients. We applaud the hard work of The Core Group and feel thankful to work with them.

Dennis Robison Sr. is very important to us. He’s a Veteran and a recent retiree of working for the V.A. Dennis, or Grandpa as many of us call him, has donated his hard earned money to help the Veterans in the Seattle Area. Coming from a gentleman of Los Angeles it speaks volumes of how much he genuinely cares for his fellow Veterans.

Arnold Hall is such a nice guy. He stumbled upon our restaurant as we were just opening. He noticed things that small businesses struggle with and he came with solutions to our problems. For example, before we had uniforms Arnie had khaki aprons made with our logo on them– you’ll notice them during our distribution. We like to wear them and offer them to volunteers to have some brand recognition. Arnie has brought all kinds of positive vibes. He’s been working, for years,  to help build a farm to end hunger- and we cannot wait to see how that turns out.

Meet our past supporters Monika and Raj who share our passion of helping those who need it most! Their vision of “No Hunger and No Homelessness” aligns with our mission of “Fighting Hunger Together”. For several months, Monika and Raj donated the funds for 50 vegetarian meals, with a healthy snack and coffee to clients of White Center Food Bank.

If you’re looking for ways to give back- consider doing a donation like Monika and Raj.

Each meal is $1.50, and you can custom the dietary restrictions how ever you see fit. We look forward to many more donations on behalf of our awesome supporters like Monika and Raj.